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March 18, 2013

Budget has come & gone

dr gs sood
Budget has come & gone
the Union Budget has become a non-event for some time now and those analysing and predicting what lies ahead for the market needs to do so in the broader policy framework that is being outlined in the months preceding the Budget. However, the Budget still retains its importance as the benchmark for future policy directions and as the guide to address issues like the current account and fiscal deficits and overall growth.
Since the stock market is a barometer of the economy, the immediate reaction of the market indicates that this year’s budget does not inspire any big positives. Given the Finance Minister’s mool mantra of higher growth leading to inclusive and sustainable development that seeks to limit the fiscal deficit to 5.3 per cent of the GDP for fiscal 2012-13 and to 4.8 per cent for Fiscal 2013-14, the issue on hand is how will the Government do this...Read More 

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