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January 24, 2013

The man for all seasons and reasons

The man for all seasons and reasons
A master strategist – he has always known which strings to pull, how and when... but like an overconfident gambler he seems to have stretched his legs a bit too far. Away from the limelight many people are waiting for him to fall – will he—when and how is the big question.
by Neeraj Mahajan in New Delhi & Ajit Ujjainkar in Mumbai
The higher you go…the greater and faster you fall – this is a simple law of physics that does not apply to Ratnakar Yashwant Gaikwad the high-profile and well connected 61 year-old man for all seasons and reasons. If the present day ground situation is an indication-- his days are numbered but the big question obviously is – when, how and how soon will he have his great fall? Who will bell the cat—if at all?...READ MORE

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