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December 19, 2012

Rahul Baba and the File

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Rahul Baba and the File
The recent pronouncement of Rahul must have rung alarm bells. Old timers, both ministers and bureaucrats, who have mastered the art of using a file as a weapon, and were dreaming of the day Rahul would take over as the Prime Minister, now have to rethink their strategy. They can no longer take him for a ride.
Now that Rahul has found out the importance of the file, all those who had doubts about the seriousness of his pretensions to the throne, will need to revise their tactics. I, for one, have always been on Rahul Baba’s side, whether it is because of his fair colour which bespeaks of his Kashmiri origins or the dimple on his cheek which gives him such a look of guilelessness, I don’t know READ MORE

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