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December 19, 2012

Logjam of files

cover story
files that don’t move
Logjam of files
Decision-making in the Government has taken a back seat, with the bureaucracy not willing to act unless it is assured that there will be no negative repercussions
by Ramesh dixit
Governance is in an intensive care unit (ICU). Decision making is in a paralysis mode. This is the refrain of all who have a vested interest in governance, but who are not within the Government. In the private sector, decisions are taken at what to them appears to be a breakneck speed. Decisions there are taken first and formalised subsequently through written communications. The situation in the Government is just the opposite. Discussions do take place in a plethora of the meetings. However, no decision is taken. For any decision to be taken in the Government, first a file needs to be created. While creating or opening a file, in official terms, is easy, it is almost impossible to bring it to a close. READ MORE

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