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December 19, 2012

Excuse me, sir

appraisal amitabh thakur
Excuse me, sir
The use of 360-degree feedback helps improve employee performance as it helps those being evaluated to see different perspectives of their performance.
Times are changing and we need to amend many of our traditional thoughts and beliefs, especially when it comes to the way performance appraisal is being done in the Government. A performance appraisal (PA), or performance evaluation,is a systematic and periodic process that assesses an individual employee’s job performance and productivity in relation to certain pre-established organisational objectives and criteria. The role and importance of performance appraisal has been universally recognised and accepted. It improves an organisation’s effectiveness, gives an employee feedback about his/her job performance, facilitates communication, enhances employee focus through promoting trust and helps in goal setting and desired performance reinforcement.READ MORE

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