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November 14, 2012

Touche Rahul! ms. bajwa gets a putdown

Vol. 6 | Issue 8 | November 2012
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Touche Rahul!
ms. bajwa gets a putdown
Whatever else one may say about Rahul Gandhi, he has a keen eye and is visibly observant. Recently on a visit to Punjab, he came face to face with newly elected Congress MLA Chiranjeet Bajwa. The impeccably groomed and well turned out Bajwa introduced herself as a party MLA and told Rahul that her husband is the Lok Sabha MP Pratap Bajwa. She told Rahul that he must do something about the five-star culture that had crept into the party as this was doing a great deal of damage. The reference was obviously to Captain Amrinder Singh, the larger than life Raja of Patiala who likes to live well and certainly makes no attempt to hide it. During the last Congress government in Punjab, the Bajwas were close , very close to Amrinder, as he used to be seen regularly dining at their residence in the company of select “friends”. But when Pratap Bajwa became too ambitious, the Raja cut him out and now he is opposing him tooth and nail and is doing everything to ensure he is not appointed the Punjab PCC President. So when Rahul heard her comment about five-star culture, he looked her up and down and then focused on her watch. With a smile he asked,” Isn’t that a Petit Phillipe which you are wearing? It’s nice. How much would it cost roughly.” The lady turned red since that particular brand doesn’t come cheap and costs nothing less than Rs 10 lakh. Rahul added, “We have already dropped the five-star culture and have now moved to the seven-star culture.” Touche Rahul! This encounter clearly indicates that Rahul is not only updated on his MLAs and MPs but that he does not like the kind of bitching that Congress politicians are known for. A gentle put-down is obviously called for.

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