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October 19, 2012

 Vol. 6 | issue 7 | August 2012
security a k verma
Reds are here to stay
The Maoists present a complex challenge, which has a mix of ideology, people’s disenchantment with the governing processes and mechanisms, and a resolute determination on their part
For some time now, Maoism or Naxalism has been the nation’s No. 1 internal security problem but an agreed strategy to combat this menace continues to evade national and state leaderships. The nation has seen the Maoist movement grow, originating from Naxalbari, a small village in West Bengal in May 1967, to an ideological campaign that today straddles 13 States. Although it started as an anti-landlord struggle, its focus has expanded well beyond. Party documents clearly spell out that the objective is seizure of State power through an armed and violent struggle, co-opting rural and urban classes, mobilising them against the State on all available issues–political, economic and social.
The strategy of the Maoists or Naxalites has evolved from an early objective of an armed agrarian revolutionary war, encircling the cities from the countryside to united front tactics. The revised aims are to establish solidarity between peasants and tribals with the working classes, develop links with the petty bourgeoisie, the semi- proletariat and the national bourgeoisie.
The movement has attracted the well-educated and the well-heeled, who find themselves intellectually at odds with the stormy tides of consumerism, materialism and exploitation, the market economy and the power of the rich. Kobad Gandhy, a Doon School alumni, who became a member of the CPI-Maoist central committee, is an example of the party striking roots among the urban milieu. The party has also successfully raised large funds through extortions and levies which are used for purchase of arms and ammunition.
There should be no doubt that the party represents a revolutionary movement, which from day one has been growing in size, strength and influence. Geographically, they are creeping into virgin territories. They have created viable infrastructures in many States. A general mood of frustration originating from poor governance and widely believed allegations of high-level corruption has led to an environment from which the Maoists derive psychological benefits............READ MORE 

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