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October 19, 2012

bureaucrats sadhguru
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Our nationhood stands not on its political leaders or electoral system, but on its bureaucracy. It is only because we have a tenacious and well-organised bureaucratic system, accompanied by a certain training, that our nation remains functional.
The task of administering this country is a far bigger responsibility than the five-year terms that politicians get. So empowering a bureaucrat’s life towards a stress-free and disease-free mode is important to ensure that the nation does not creak under its own weight.
If the nation is creaking today it is because its fundamental structure is being pushed beyond its limits. Our bureaucrats are being asked to do unreasonable things, often to bend the law rather than enforce it. This makes the life of a civil servant extremely demanding.
While corporate management is largely unidirectional, bureaucratic management entails a complex and multi-dimensional negotiation of men and materials. The nature of this work can take its toll on an individual unless he takes charge of inner situations and ensures that these are not shaken by external circumstances.....................READ MORE 

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