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September 10, 2012

Virbhadra back at the helm

Vol. 6- Issue 6 - Sept 2012
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Virbhadra back at the helm
is anand sharma sulking?
THE tough talking Himachal Pradesh leader Virbhadra Singh almost quit the Congress and joined the NCP but as word leaked out that he had met Sharad Pawar, a nervous Sonia Gandhi immediately sat up and asked her political secretary Ahmed Patel to meet Virbhadra and ensure he did not leave. Virbhadra, as the tallest Congress leader in Himachal, naturally wanted to be made PCC President simply because he wanted a lion’s share in the distribution of tickets. He had been kept out of the screening committee for Himachal Pradesh and if he had no say in the selection of candidates, he could not have forcefully put in his bid to become the chief minister. After two meetings with Sonia Gandhi, A K Antony was asked to meet the senior leader and assure him that his demand was being met and that PCC President Thakur Kaul Singh was being asked to put in his papers. Even after that, the Congress leadership did not want to announce his name alone and finally it was coupled with that of the new UP PCC President. Just a few days before this, Virbhadra’s bĂȘte noire Anand Sharma was overheard telling people that Virbhadra’s heydays were over and there was no question.... READMORE

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