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September 10, 2012

The rise and fall of TEAM ANNA

Vol. 6- Issue 6 - Sept 2012
humour mk kaw
The rise and fall of TEAM ANNA
NOTHING can be more instructive than an objective and systematic study of the factors which led to the meteoric rise and fall of Team Anna in the political firmament of this nation. There was a time when people who should have known better were carried away by the euphoria of the moment and seriously compared Anna Hazare with Mahatma Gandhi.
The problem with Bapu is that he is so easy to caricature and copy. Ask any cartoonist and he will draw a fairly recognisable sketch of the Mahatma, with a quick careless childish scrawl. Tell a school teacher and she will produce a hundred Bapus, complete with a bald pate, round spectacles, pocket watch and stout stick.
Every Indian will like to be a Mahatma Gandhi. He is the dream icon of a billion lives. Each village and town has dozens of people who look like Gandhi, walk like him and try to follow his footsteps by fasting unto death or resorting to satyagraha, just as every city has its own Mahatma Gandhi Road. If it were that easy to manufacture clones, we would be a nation of 1.2 billion Mahatmas.......READMORE

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