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September 10, 2012

Distinct persona

Vol. 6- Issue 6 - Sept 2012
supreme court justice altamas kabir
Distinct persona
by Sarita Bhatnagar
It is a period when the country is facing a crisis of governance in most of its statutory and constitutional establishments, and when a spate of litigations over corruption and arbitrary use of discretion are pending before the highest judicial forum. It is also a period when there will be change of guard in the office of the Chief Justice of India.
As the current workaholic and disciplinarian, Chief Justice S H Kapadia, lays down office on September 28, the senior-most judge, Justice Altamas Kabir, will take over the hammer from one of the most efficient judicial figures to have headed the top judicial position in post-Independence India.
Before Justice Kabir’s expected elevation as the Chief Justice of India, there have been three more CJIs belonging to the minority Muslim community—M Hidyatulla (1968), Mohammad Hammedullah Beg (1977) and A M Ahmadi (1994).
But it has never been felt that caste, creed or faith ever weighed in favour of any party. What has been the main concern for dispensation is the rule of law, equity and natural justice. Known for his sobriety and soft speech, Kabir enjoys a distinct persona. As some court watchers put it, he belongs to a world that.....READMORE

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