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August 14, 2012

‘Safety of women is our priority’

mks sundaram dm, gautam budh nagar (up)
Known for his rapport with the public, MKS Sundaram, an IAS officer of the 1997 batch and the new District Magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar, shares his experiences with gfiles
As the DM of Gautam Budh Nagar, more commonly known as Noida, what are the challenges you are facing and the measures you have taken to overcome them?
MKS Sundaram :There are several challenges as this is an urban area. The city is important not only nationally but also internationally, as many multinational companies have their offices and units here. Also, there are a large number of media companies based in the city. Traffic in the city is a key area of concern. We are now trying to introduce world-class systems with regard to traffic management. We are also seeking to educate the public about good traffic management.
There are charges that Noida is not safe for women and girls. Your views?
MKSS :We are setting up a control room that will be more like a call centre. Professionals will man this control room and distress calls received by it will be immediately attended to. The police are vigilant and our priority will be to handle law and order, with emphasis on the safety of women.
Why is the crime rate high in Noida?
MKSS :This probably becauseNoida is an affluent city. But, the police and the administration are taking effective measures to bring the crime rate down.........READMORE

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