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August 14, 2012

‘No politics in Bengaluru policing’

jyoti prakash mirjee police commissioner, bengaluru
The Police Commissioner of Bengaluru, Jyoti Prakash Mirjee, feels that there is no political interference in the functioning of the police in the city. He claims that the city police have become more humanistic in their approach. However, to make traffic movement smoother in the city, he stresses on the need to enhance infrastructure. Venugopalan spoke to him to understand his priorities. Excerpts:
Traffic congestion in Bengaluru is increasing day-by-day. What is your department doing to resolve the situation?
Jyoti Prakash Mirjee: As you know, Bengaluru has a very high vehicle population. About 50 lakh vehicles move on its roads every day. We have some problem with the basic infrastructure. These are being attended to by the government and will take some time to settle.
Do you want to say the entire traffic is moving well in the city?
JPM: Despite the fact that some roads are very narrow, and some flyovers and under-passes have to constructed, the overall situation is under control.
One of the reasons of mismanagement in traffic control is said to be the lack of coordination between civic agencies. There appears to be no collective planning? Is it due to a communication gap between the police and other departments?
JPM: There is no communication gap. We are working together. Planning is also being done accordingly.

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