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May 10, 2012

Think About a Second Republic?

democracy  a k verma
Think About a Second Republic?
Questions are being raised about the validity of democracy in the Indian Republic. There is a widespread view that democracy in India is no longer by the people, of the people, for the people.
The leaders who brought democracy to India in 1947 were giants in conviction, commitment, ethics and morality. There were many of them. Their tribe lingered for many years after Independence but their numbers kept on diminishing. Today, that tribe has vanished completely. Search as one might, not a single individual can be found qualifying for the citizen’s unquestioning acceptance as the leader of the nation.
Responsible for this sad state is the continuous growth of unscrupulous politics, degeneration of instruments of democracy and emergence of a new elite, reliant on the power of money, muscle and mafia, to monopolise the rewards of democracy. Today, no sense of shame is felt in claiming that compulsions of coalition politics require principles of probity to be jettisoned....

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