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May 10, 2012

Patternless postings

humour mk kaw
Patternless postings
I am reminded of my years in the Department of Defence Production in the early 1990s. There were four Joint Secretaries and two Additional Financial Advisers, reporting to N Raghunathan, a 1959 veteran of the Maharashtra cadre.
Raghu was a topper of his batch and a gentleman to a fault. He let us do what we wanted, helping us out only when we were about to get into trouble. After we had spoken on a file, there was an unofficial zero hour, when we could discuss anything and everything. Most of us were into it and enjoyed ourselves a lot. There was just one exception, the Joint Secretary in-charge of Ordnance Factories. Sometimes, one of us would raise a point about him during zero hour. Raghunathan would smile and change the subject. Sometimes, if one of us persisted, he would wink and say, “Oh you need not worry about him. He will be all right.”....

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