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April 9, 2012

The missing will

The missing will
With a big question mark over the acceptability of NCTC by States, the answer lies in providing autonomy to the police as mandated by the Supreme Court. But the political class does not want to let go of its control over the police.
AT the core of the current disagreement between the Centre and some states on the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) lies the unpleasant reality that politicians in India who hold ministerial offices do not want to let the police slip out of their absolute control. The Constitution placed the police under the State as the thinking at that time was that police was primarily for managing law and order problems. The Police Act of 1861 had laid down that the police will function under the superintendence of the provincial authorities. The constitutional provision was thus in line with the prevailing environment.
This environment was, however, to change soon. The Police Act was intended to keep the British Raj and its officers safe through control over the police. But even after gaining Independence, the methods of governance and attitudes towards instruments of governance remained largely derivatives of the British legacy. ......READMORE :

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