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March 9, 2012

Security issues?

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Security issues?
govt protection in for businessmen
 brand new Land Rover drew to a halt on Cuffe Parade in Mumbai. The Maharashtra Police escort screeched to a stop behind it. No, it was not some heavy-duty politician but our very own Zee TV boss, Subhash Goyal. It seems that having government security is no longer a privilege enjoyed by to politicians and senior bureaucrats. Leading businessmen are vying with each other to have a red beacon car following them. Admittedly, businessmen in Mumbai are often targeted by mafia sharpshooters. So, while they already had private security well in place, something which was no big deal for them, it did not give them the kick and power that came from having government security in place. No wonder then, with an official escort behind his Land Rover.....readmore

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