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February 10, 2012

BIG BOSS - jawhar sircar,secretary, culture

‘Do not apply value judgements to culture’
awhar Sircar, a 1975 batch IAS officer, is an exceptional bureaucrat who enjoys working in the Culture Ministry. No wonder, he has been the longest-serving Secretary in this Ministry. He has tried to cater to the ‘cultural  community’ in various ways. He draws satisfaction from the fact that his efforts have brought back the community to the Ministry. No doubt, he has achieved a lot in this field because of his keen interest in the subject. From the mid-1990s till 2005, he took the lead in upgrading the annual Kolkata Film Festival to a remarkable and recognised event of international standards. His other interests are in theatre, in which he became involved from his mid-teens, and in certain genres of music and dance. In this interview, he speaks about the problems of attitude and orientation in the functioning of the Ministry and its associated bodies.
interviewed by Diptendra Raychaudhuri
gfiles: Throughout your career, you have mostly served in finance or related departments and ministries. You also served as Chief Election Officer of West Bengal. At the fag end of your career, you became Secretary in the Culture Ministry. How has been your experience here?
Jawhar Sircar: True, I spent around 17 years in industry and finance, but I have also spent.....Read More

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