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January 17, 2012

GOVERNANCE - gfiles summit

Womb of fancy
Can elaborate systems, designs and approaches make a dent on the real world and ground realities?
OVERNANCE” caught on as a catchword about a decade ago and by now has been so badly flogged that if the word had any sense of shame it would have gone into hiding. Soon after the word gained currency, World Bank and IMF status reports began tagging it to another catchword of the times – “reforms”. Today, both catchwords have gone viral. No day passes without someone inviting you to a conference or a conclave, a seminar or a symposium on something like “Crisis of Governance” or “Governance and Reforms” or, better still, “Administrative Reforms and Good Governance”. Most such events are organized for no easily understandable reason and with little seriousness, at most inconvenient locations and most inappropriate hours............Readmore

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