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January 17, 2012


Control without controls
CBI chiefs spell out why tinkering with the nodal anti-crime agency could compromise its ability and impartiality
HOSE manning the CBI – the principal bone of contention in the stillborn anti-graft legislation – watched with considerable trepidation the prolonged debate over the Lokpal Bill in Parliament, which ended in a fiasco. They fear that they will be burdened with several bosses who will pull in different directions. The apprehension is well expressed by Trinath Mishra, former CBI director: “The CBI will turn into a double-roti or pao-roti [meaning several breads, since pao and roti are both breads].” On the pretext of making the CBI more independent, all the proposed versions of the Lokpal seem bent on creating more supervisors – the Lokpal, the Cental Vigilance Commission (CVC), and the government.......Read more

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